On-Demand Webinar
Top Five Reasons to Re-Evaluate Your Privacy Posture


Every organization has a privacy posture, a set of systems, rules, and principles for how to govern and protect their stakeholders’ (i.e. customers’) sensitive information. Whether or not your privacy posture is already explicitly defined, this presentation will guide you through several situations that should inspire you to take a step back and review how well your data architecture and processes safeguard your stakeholder data. We’ll also share insights on how best to move forward with making improvements to your privacy posture if you realize that it needs improvement.

Harsh Karmarkar
Head of Solutions, Skyflow

Harsh Karmarkar is an architect and technical sales leader whose ​​work has spanned multiple industry sectors including healthcare, financial services, retail, tech, media, and telecom, across North America, Asia, and Europe. He currently leads the Solutions team at Skyflow, helping organizations understand how to protect their customers' sensitive data.