Sharing Digital Healthcare Data in the Age of Data Privacy and Security
Webinar - On Demand


Now more than ever, healthcare providers, practitioners, vendors and patients need solutions that will keep their sensitive data secure. However, analyzing patient data is essential for healthcare providers who can use it to keep track of their patients’ health history, model outcomes, and combat the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases.

Skyflow’s mission is to build an open and interoperable healthcare data ecosystem while keeping patients in control. Our vault APIs enable businesses to harness the power of their sensitive data while preserving their users’ privacy.

Skyflow’s healthcare vault uses best-of-breed security, privacy and compliance techniques to protect patient data. Learn how you can use our APIs to perform analytics, run workflows and even build entire applications on top of patient data while keeping it secure and private.

Join Karthik Rajan, Head of Skyflow for Healthcare, and Product Manager Akshat Agrawal, to learn how Skyflow’s healthcare solutions can enable you to collect, protect and utilize PHI data.

Karthik Rajan
Head of Skyflow for Healthcare

Karthik is an entrepreneur and executive leader with a background in enterprise SaaS and passion for healthcare innovation. He currently heads Skyflow's Healthcare business.

Akshat Agrawal
Product Manager at Skyflow

Akshat is a Product Manager on Skyflow's healthcare team. Prior to Skyflow, Akshat was in product and engineering roles at Google.