Tech Talk
Protecting PII Across Any App, Any Data, and Any LLM

Thurs, January 11th, 2024 | 8:00 AM PT


Modern businesses run on sensitive data, including customer PII. So, how can you protect sensitive PII to build trust with your customers, grow your business, and ease compliance? By isolating, protecting, and governing sensitive data with a data privacy vault.


Join Amruta Moktali, Skyflow Chief Product Officer, and Sean Falconer, Head of Marketing, on Thursday, Jan 11th, to learn about the latest capabilities provided by Skyflow’s data privacy platform. This tech talk will cover:

  • How Skyflow is addressing market needs in 2024
  • How Skyflow protects sensitive data throughout the lifecycle of LLMs
  • A demo of the latest Skyflow Data Privacy Vault capabilities
Amruta Moktali_Presenter
Amruta Moktali
Chief Product Officer, Skyflow

Amruta is an innovative, customer-focused product management leader with developer roots. She has held executive product leader roles at several software companies, including Cleo, Salesforce, Topsy Labs, and Microsoft, building data-driven products in search, AI, and analytics across multiple industries.


You can connect with Amruta on LinkedIn.

Sean Falconer
Head of Marketing & Developer Relations, Skyflow

Sean Falconer has over 15 years of experience in research, engineering, product, developer relations, and marketing. He has worked with the World Health Organization to help modernize the international classification of disease, founded, and led developer relations and experience for Google's Business Communication products.


You can connect with Sean on LinkedIn.