Build Fintech Faster: An Intro to Skyflow Fintech Vault, featuring Skyflow Customer Unifimoney
Webinar - On Demand


In the competitive world of Fintech, time to market matters more than almost anything. Anything except customer data privacy, security, and compliance, that is. A data breach or loss of customer confidence can kill your business before it even gets going. 


What if there was a better way? What if a polymorphically encrypted data privacy vault -- the kind of solution giants like Apple, Google, and Goldman Sachs have built internally -- was available to you via the cloud?  What if privacy had an API?


Let us introduce you to the Skyflow Fintech Vault, the industry’s first zero trust data vault available as an API. Designed expressly for secure handling of sensitive payments and personal data, it allows Fintech teams to quickly build innovative applications without worrying about data security, privacy, or compliance. With encryption, tokenization, governance and auditing, data loss prevention and PCI compliance built in at foundations, Skyflow is the “Stripe for Sensitive Data” or “Plaid for PII.”

In this live session, we’ll walk you through Fintech Vault and demo how it works, and talk through several ways you can use it. We’ll also turn to special guest Ed Cortis, CTO of Unifimoney, to hear about how they are using Skyflow to both harness the power of their sensitive data and preserve their users’ privacy, helping them get to market faster. And we’ll close with a live Q&A session, where we’ll be happy to dive a little deeper in response to your questions.

Bjorn Ovick
Head of Fintech, Skyflow

Bjorn is a 20-year veteran of the fintech industry with previous executive roles at RS2, Visa, American Express, PayPal, Wells Fargo, and several startups. He currently leads business development and strategy around Skyflow’s data privacy vault for fintech companies.

Ed Cortis
Ed Cortis
Chief Technology Officer, Unifimoney

With over 25 years of providing technical expertise to organizations such as Bankwest, Sportsbet, and RocketSpace, Ed is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Unifimoney. Unifimoney is a San Francisco-based startup that delivers high-performance banking: a credit card, high-yield checking account and investing, all in one mobile account.

Evis Drenova
Technical Product Manager, Skyflow

Evis joined Skyflow as one of the first Product Managers and leads Skyflow's Fintech products.  Prior to Skyflow, Evis was the Head of Product at TrueData, a mobile big data company, and a Managing Consultant at IBM.

Manish Ahluwalia
Head of Customer Security & Privacy

Manish has over 2 decades of experience in the software industry, with over 10 years in information-security. Most recently he was running security for NerdWallet. He currently works to help Skyflow’s customer’s find the right architecture for their data protection needs.